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iPresents was founded in 2003 to share gift and present ideas. The premise of iPresents has been to share reviews, articles and features of not only items from beautifully designed products from Cupertino. But also other products, gadgets and more that might enhance your digital life.

iPresents, as you might have guessed was founded by me an old-school Apple “Fan boy”; my name is Richard Senior aka Richie Fingers aka iFingers.

I have been using Apple products since 1998 and by day work as a WordPress Developer for iFamily Web Design.

To give you an idea of my background, experience, and what I like. Here is a brief bio:

I started using Apple Mac computers in 1998 after winning a music competition. In fact music has been a very important part of my life. Largely thanks to my mum and dad. My parents had an awesome sound system and I used to enjoy listening to their varied music collection, including The Stylistics, The Detroit Spinners, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and many, many more.

I started playing bass and guitars when I was about 13 and soon after joined my first band “Porky and the Pigs”. Then went on to start and contribute to others including: Private Desires, God’s Little Acre and Neil Samuels. I enjoy writing songs, one of which Paul Weller has played on.

However when I started using a Mac for music production I soon realised that you could do a lot more than create music using a computer. I learnt to code html websites, did a short college course in web design and shortly after started making websites for a living.