Come The Revolution

It seems that the whole world wants to join the iPhone Revolution. Even revolutionary and inspirational leaders like Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro want it’s pioneering technology.

Bill Gates and Seinfield have nothing on Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse. I thought the BBC didn’t do adverts, but I suppose everyone wants a piece of Apple.

On a more serious note. Pete Mortensen comments that Apple’s latest ads might have run out of Apple juice.

Able to run Microsoft Office isn’t news to anyone who could be swayed by a TV ad. What’s the next narrative? How does Apple start its next growth curve, whether through marketing or design?

—Pete Mortensen

I disagree. The Apple revolution needs to quite rightly focus on Snow Leopard. The Microsoft Exchange support might not be as evolutionary as the iMac, iPod or iPhone. But it’s time that Apple stopped being the rebel, and joined hands, even with Microsoft technologies. I want stable, efficient and fast. Snow Leopard looks like being the Mac cat that will claw it’s way into even the most blue shirted of corporate IT markets. I am expecting something unexpected at Apple’s Big Deal Event. But even so, they have already got most of the iLife right. Let’s see if they can do the "dull stuff" too…

…Back to comedy – You can keep your Viva la Vida, listen to Come The Revolution.


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