iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus

First impressions of Apple’s latest bad-boy phones. To use an AC/DC analogy, are they A ‘Touch too much’ or is this the ‘Powerage’?

I didn’t need a new phone. My ‘old’ iPhone 5 64GB is still a wonderful machine. But as a professional web designer and developer, the latest generation of iPhone was causing me some concern. The screen size is very different from the original iPhone. Also with the rise of the ‘phablet’ on the Android platform. I needed to super-size my phone. So, I thought it time to invest in one of these shiny new devices. Well, my wife was updating her phone, and I couldn’t be left out, could I?

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus. Which is better?

She knew exactly what iPhone she wanted; the iPhone 6, in gold. I am not so decisive. Now I could have got the same machine. The colour would have matched this website’s colour palette for a start. But, my day job and perhaps a little one-up man ship, led me to buy the larger 6 Plus. 128GB in Space Grey.

Size matters

I suspect Freud would have said that the 6 Plus is just a gentleman’s sausage extension. Maybe this is true. But even so, a 6 Plus is a lot cheaper than an E Type. It is a lot bigger than my old phone too. When I unwrapped the cellophane and lifted the box. The anticipation was palpable. I hadn’t got the chance to get my sticky fingers on one before I parted with my hard-earned cash. Even lifting the lid of the box is an experience. I suspect Mr. Ive employed a team of sound designers just to get the right audio experience. The glorious woosh of the box lid opening was drowned by my heart beat. Had I done the right thing?

Ta da

My jaw dropped. It is big. Very big. For a moment or two I contemplated sending it back. Taking advantage of that credit card cool off period. Would I have to shout when using it in the street like some sort of Dom Joly comedy character? Would my 8 year old girl-sized hands look even more tiny when I held it? Would I be even able to lift it?

As I saw my wife gleaming with joy, cradling her new golden child, envy started to creep in. I restrained the urge to snatch and run, catch a ferry to France and start a new life with her new arrival.

Looking back at my purchase aka Shrek. Could I really love and cherish this awkward, lanky, big boned giant for at least 2 years till my contract expired?

I picked it up. Oooh, it’s lighter than it looks. Slimmer too. It’s just a totally different experience from the iPhone 5. This is the thing. It is a different beast altogether. Sure, I could wax lyrical about how beautiful the display is or the graceful curves. But what is the point? The quintessential Apple fan boy, Steven Fry has already done a better job than I ever could. Haters will love to hate that. Sure, Samsung make a bigger one, you can get phones with longer lasting batteries. But in my world they do not exist.

Boys will be boys

Apple really defined the genre with the original iPhone. They literally turned the world around. Sure, I don’t want Apple to become a late 90’s Microsoft. I want Android to keep pushing the limits and keeping Cupertino on their toes. But for now, I won’t even bother checking out the competition. I love the security, and class of iOS 8 and won’t entertain anything else for now. Ok, you got me, another blinkered review. File this as another Apple fanboy review. You could read this or that. Haters will get a good kick out of watching this chap drop his brand new iPhone:

From my point of view, the web experience is a whole new ball game from the previous generation. From a professional point of view I have made the right decision. The Retina display is glorious. My iPad will probably just be used to double check media queries now.

A total knockout

Yes, the 6 Plus is the winner. Total knockout. But your mileage may vary. I just need bigger pockets or maybe I’ll start carrying a man bag?

I will obviously gloat about how much better the optical stabilisation of the camera is to my wife. How much more I can see on my giant screen. All the while thinking how ridiculous I must look holding it to my ear. I will also try and contain my lust for her size zero, bling clad beauty too.

Cupertino have done it again. Another 5 star review from this fan-boy too. For both machines. Time will tell if I will ever get used to the size of my behemoth. But for now, I am delighted. Just wondering if Apple will be able to get me to part with even more cash when their Watch is released. Now where can I get a iPhone 6 Plus bike mount for my aptly named Surly Ogre?

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