Ergon GC1 Cycle Grips

Ergon GC1 Cycle GripsCycling is fun, but it can always be funner. You only touch the bike in three places; the pedals, seat and handlebars. All can be a source of discomfort, but help is at hand quite literally from Ergon Bike Ergonomics. Their Ergon GC1 handlebar grips augment their popular ergonomic grip range. Ergon grips, like a quality claw hammer are shaped in a gentle curve shape. Which is much kinder to the hand than a regular circular grip. The GC1 is the latest addition to their range and are designed especially for swept-back handlebars.

Kinky grips

The GC1s are kinked, by design, to take out the swept back angle of handlebars. Just like the Jones Loop H Bars, as found on my Surly Ogre.

Using traditional grips on these bikes causes a kink in the wrist. The GC1 corrects this wrist position through its anatomic and ergonomically correct form. Any aches and tension can therefore be reduced.
~ Ergon Bike Ergonomics

They stay put

I have used ergonomically shaped grips before, I had them on my old Specialized Sirrus Pro bike, which were great, but wouldn’t stay in place. They always kept twisting on the bar. So, it was quite a pain to keep them aligned to my liking. No such drama with these German grips. These are fixed in place with an allen key, and have not moved at all.

Good vibrations

The ones I have are rubber and help take out a lot of the vibration from a rigid front fork too. They only make one size of GC1 grips, unlike some of their others ranges. However they fit my small hands perfectly. They also do a BioKork version, which is more eco-friendly using cork instead of rubber. If I were to buy another pair I would probably buy these.

Now, I just need a new seat and pedals…

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