Jones 710 Loop H-Bar

Jones 710 Loop H-Bar Handlebars

When I saw the Surly Ogre for the first time, one of the first things that drew my attention were the handlebars. No ordinary mtb handlebar, the Jones 710 Loop H-Bar are swept back, but with a loop at the front which makes them very distinctive. Not to every one’s tastes though, more on that later. I loved the look of them. I realised straight away how these would offer a good variety of hand positions to one’s ride.

Getting to grips

Ergon GC1 Cycle GripsWhen I took my Ogre out for it’s maiden spin, at first I wasn’t sure if I had done the right thing. These loopy bars were wide. I felt like I was riding a Harley rather than a Surly. Before I was even warmed up, I knew these bad-boy bars were right for me. It’s a very comfy position. Not racy, but I felt open. With my hands on my kinky Ergon GC1 grips, I felt like my arms were in a bit of a ‘ward off’ position. A powerful circular curve, a staple Tai Chi stance. Good stuff. I like to ride in quite an upright position compared to most. I like to enjoy the scenery rather than focus on my heart rate or stare at the tarmac. I haven’t ridden an Ogre without the Jones Loops, so can’t compare how better, or worse they are in terms of reducing vibration from the solid front fork. But I find them very comfy.

It’s Dick Van Bike

Surly Ogre in country side So now I am riding along, I like to imagine, like some sort of a Bruce Lee/Peter Fonda hybrid. Enter the Dragon meets Easy Rider. Pretty damn cool, huh? Well, no. Not every one see’s it that way. My so-called ‘mates’ thought I was more like Mary Poppins. I just needed a wicker shopping basket. But what do they know? I didn’t buy the bike as a fashion accessory. No gold looped earrings for me thanks.

Hands on the H-Bar Loops

Now, I could explain just how many different hand positions you can rock with the Jones Loops. But I couldn’t do that nowhere near as well as Jeff Jones:

  • DH/Upright – hands on grips
  • XC/Honk – hands on main bar where it meets the loop bar
  • Rest/Climb – hands on main bar close together
  • Aero – hands on loop bar close together

I must admit, I didn’t know what ‘honk’ was until I saw this video and looked it up. For the record, it means out of the saddle riding.

Wide Load

The 710 in the name means it is 710mm wide. The original H-Bars are 660 wide. They are noticeably wider than normal MTB bars, winding through tight twisting tracks surrounded by trees means you need to be a tad more accurate with your steering.

Surly Bikes contacted me several months ago asking about the possibility of getting custom Jones H-Bars made for some of their bikes. They wanted a Loop H-bar but with a longer grip section and more overall width. We made the samples and I have been riding with them for a few months now. I really like the extra width and grip length for long rides.

If you are obsessed with weight, or have a healthy bank balance you could always get the titanium version. They look great but a little out of my price range. There is also a carbon version which is a little cheaper than the titanium.

Jones H-Bar Loop Conclusion

I love these bars. I could have bought a 2013 Ogre for a lot less, but they didn’t have the Jones Loop fitted. Very glad I stumped up the extra wonga for the 2014 model. Some people might give you odd looks or snide comments but these bars are wonderful. I haven’t taped my bars up yet. I might do so in the future. But coupled with the Ergon grips I couldn’t be happier right now.

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