Woodstock Windchimes

Woodstock Chimes windchime Chimes of AthenaFor a new home owner or as a memorable house warming present. Woodstock Chimes are a unique, original and melodic gift idea.

Woodstock Chimes make Musically Tuned Windchimes. Regular Windchimes twinkle or clang, but Woodstock Chimes really chime. Hand tuned to a musical scale or melody, these windchimes are true instruments of nature. Powered by the wind.

The perfect gift idea for a musician or anyone who wants to add more harmony or melody to the home or garden.

Windchimes in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the ancient Eastern art of harmonising the environment, wind chimes are often used to bring balance to the home.

Hung in hallways to “slow the Chi” or hang metal wind chimes in the West, Northwest and North of your home or garden. Apparently chimes with 6 tubes are best for this purpose.

There is no mistaking Woodstock from the regular kind you might find in cheap gift shops. The sound quality is superb.

The Master Chimemaker

You can thank Garry Kvistad for that. Garry created the Woodstock Chimes brand. Garry is also a Grammy Award winner. A musician’s musician.

Which is why Woodstock Chimes are no ordinary wind chime. Their tuning creates the most wonderful melodies. You can tell a musician designed them.

Peaceful, calming and relaxing, the tone produced is serene and pure. Thanks to the fact that they are all hand tuned.

Rock me Amadeus

Some have exotic scales, some tuned to composers like Mozart including The Chimes of Autism. Inspired by Tyler Doi and many other special children after they told Woodstock how the chimes made them feel or how they were of benefit. Mozart is apparently the composer of choice in music therapy, and particularly beneficial when working with autistic children.

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