Withings Blood Pressure Monitor Review

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Withings BPM

A Withings Blood Pressure Monitor review and ratings from iPresents. I was so impressed with the Withings Smart Body Scales that when I saw this blood pressure monitor I just knew I had to have it. There was nothing wrong with my blood pressure, but after losing my dad to cancer I felt that was something that could help the family and I stay healthy.

WITHINGS Blood PressureIt hooks up to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and will start whirring away tightening around your biceps like an electronic anaconda. After a few goes you get used to the grip, it’s just like a regular blood pressure reading you might get at your doctors. However the great thing is like the scales your data is uploaded to Withings and available on the free Withings app. Sure it is expensive. But It is nice to be able to track your blood pressure and heart rate.

Who knows if this data might be useful or even life saving if you did develop a health issue. But I can be sure of one thing, it wouldn’t do any harm.

You do need a Dock to Lightning Connector to hook this up to the latest generation of iOS devices.


  • Directly connects on your iOS device
  • Blood pressure and pulse rate measurement
  • Automatic tracking and graphs on free app
  • Secure online dashboard

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