Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

A review and rating for the Withings Smart Body Analyser WS50, a great internet connected body weighing scale.

If someone had said that you could buy body weighing scales that you could hook up to the internet 5 years ago. I would have said “what’s the point in that?”. However for 18 months I have been a user of Withings Smart Body Scales. Previously I had been using my Wii Fit balance board to keep tabs of my fluctuating weight. This worked ok, but the fact that I had to turn on the TV, boot up the Wii and login just to weigh myself became a bit tiresome. Also there was no way of sharing this data.

One day while drooling over shiny new tech stuff in my local Apple Store I saw the Withings Scales. I new instantly that I had to have them. They were not cheap, but I reasoned that they would be good value considering what they claimed to do.

You could not only weigh yourself. Which lets face it is a given with a set of weighing scales. But you could also use it to calculate your BMI as well as get a reading of your fat and lean mass. As well as this it would automagically send this data to your iOS apps. So now I could look at how much I weighed wherever I was. It also stores the history so you can see peaks and troughs in your health data across time. I find this really invaluable. I also think this data could also help save your life. To be able to show your doctor what you normally weigh as well as historic data if you had a medical problem, could possibly help the doctor diagnose the issue. Hopefully I will never have to use it, but I am glad I have it.

For example at the beginning of this year I lost a stone (14lbs) in weight in two weeks! I was going through a very stressful time when I left my job. It just shows what stress can do to your health.

Withings WS-50 app

The BMI readings I found useful, when combined with my cycling and running routines I could really determine what was helping me lose weight. This anal like obsession with my weight paid off though. It made me really count the calories because I would know that if I did binge my scales would be their to remind me. I really believe the scales played a huge part in me getting down to an ideal BMI.

They are good for the family too. The whole family can create a user profile and measure their weight. If you are a similar weight to another member of your family, the scales will let you choose who’s weight you want to measure.

They also reinforced what Danny Dreyer of Chi Running and Chi Walking has said. If you want to lose weight, walking at a moderate pace over a longish period of time is the best thing; oh that and eating less!

I was so impressed with these scales that I bought the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor as well.

Withings WS-50 side

This new generation of Withings Scales does a lot more than tell you how fat you are.

Paris – March 20, 2013 – Withings, the creator of the first Internet-connected scale has transformed the body scale once again with the launch of Smart Body Analyzer, the first smart scale that is capable of measuring heart rate and air quality, as well as traditional weight measurements and body composition. An unparalleled revolutionary device, this brand new scale provides up to 8 users with a new and accurate way to improve well-being without changing anything within their daily lives.
~ Withings

Key features & Highlights

  • Position ControlTM technology: best-in-class weighing technology to ensure accuracy
  • Track your weight and body fat
  • Fat mass measurement: available in athlete and non-athlete modes
  • Heart rate measurement: this feature is introduced on a scale for the first time and allows tracking of the resting heart rate by just stepping on a scale. Like all other measurements, heart rate readings are automatically transmitted and rendered on the Withings Health Mate mobile app
  • Air quality measurement: CO2 and temperature monitoring to better control and manage bedroom air quality
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi for easy setup and hassle-free data upload
  • Free Health Mate app tracks weight trends
  • Multi-user support with automatic recognition
  • Big, backlit, easy-on-the-eye display

Smart Body Analyzer also measures the air quality of its surrounding environment through temperature and carbon dioxide monitoring. CO2 is a gas formed by metabolic activity that builds up to excessive levels in confined spaces, like bedrooms, if they are not aired out frequently to allow fresh air to circulate. High levels of CO2 can produce a range of adverse health effects: deterioration of sleep quality, headaches, dizziness, restlessness, difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, sweating, etc. By monitoring and managing indoor air quality, people can live and sleep in a healthier environment.

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