AC/DC Black Ice

AC/DC Black Ice
It’s been a while, AC/DC’s last album, Stiff Upper Lip was released 8 years ago. On October 20th, they will release a new one – "Black Ice". Containing 15, yes, you heard that right, fifteen new tracks! Black Ice was recorded at Brian Adams studio – Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, Canada and produced by Brendan O’Brien.

Let there be rock

The band will also be going out on the road, starting late October! The first single off the album will be “Rock ‘n Roll Train”, which will start rolling on August 28th.

Black Ice Track Listing

  1. “Rock ‘n Roll Train”
  2. “Skies on Fire”
  3. “Big Jack”
  4. “Anything Goes”
  5. “War Machine”
  6. “Smash ‘n’ Grab”
  7. “Spoilin’ For a Fight”
  8. “Wheels”
  9. “Decibel”
  10. “Stormy May Day”
  11. “She Likes Rock ‘n’ Roll”
  12. “Money Made”
  13. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Dream”
  14. “Rocking All the Way”
  15. “Black Ice”


  • Angus Young- Lead Guitar
  • Malcolm Young- Rhythm Guitar, background vocals
  • Brian Johnson- Lead Vocals
  • Cliff Williams- Bass Guitar, background vocals
  • Phil Rudd- Drums

Shame, you can’t buy this from the iTunes Store… I like the Black Ice cover reminds me a little of Back in Black…

AC/DC Video

I did get an invite to be in the crowd at the shooting of the video for Rock n Roll Train, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it…

AC/DC Official Site

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  1. this album was overall great
    some of the songs were just album fillers,
    but i still loved the album
    esspecialy the song rock n’ roll train
    which i love to drum to


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