AC/DC – Rock ‘N’ Roll Train

AC/DC Black Ice

All aboard AC/DC’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Train. Available to buy now, but also available to listen to FOR FREE from

First listen left me with the impression that the Angus and the boys are appropriately back in black. In good form. In stripped down, classic AC/DC guise. I can’t wait to get the Black Ice album. have also published AC/DC 101. The history of AC/DC. The first instalment looks at AC/DC’s early years right up to August 1979, when the band relased, Highway to Hell. In my opinion, one of the greatest rock albums ever made.

Tragically, I first heard AC/DC on the Tommy Vance Friday Rock Show. The late Mr Vance played Rock n Roll Damnation and High Voltage from If you want blood. I recorded the show. At the end of playing these two songs back to back. Tommy announced that he had played them as a tribute to Bon Scott, who had just died. Recorded in Glasgows Apollo? theatre, alas also no more. High Voltage is an amazing showcase for Bon. I was an instant fan. I saved my pocket money and went out and bought Highway to Hell.

Later Back in Black was released by the reborn band. Great album, and Brian is certainly a great singer. The Bon Scott years were my favourite, but I am sure glad of getting to see this band live. They are my all time favourite live band. Roll on the new tour, all aboard the AC/DC Rock N Roll train.


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