UE Boom

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Since even before the launch of the iPod, headphones have been a must-have accessory for any music lover. Be they cheap and cheerful white ear buds or serious studio cans, the listener is immersed and drenched in music. Ultimate Ears (UE) created in-ear stage monitors over 20 years ago, and chances are your favourite artist rocks a pair. However, unless you have fashioned an incredibly large ‘stretchy’, there is no way on earth you will get a Boom to fit your ear. So what are UE playing at? Well, they have created a cylindrical object, with a nice weight to it that packs a very polished sound. A portable speaker you can take anywhere, and which is a lot louder than it looks.

UE Boom CamoOnce paired with your Bluetooth device it will play audio beautifully for hours and hours. The battery seems to last forever. The sound may lack a little in the lower octaves especially compared to a 15 inch sub woofer, but you soon forget about that. This is a very hands on, tactile device. Grab it and go. Boom. Turn it on, and you get a quick conga drum roll. Turn it off and it lets you know too. Bung it in a back pack, carry it, hang it or slot it in your bicycle bottle holder and your music will follow you anywhere.

Nice music it is too. Smooth, never distorted and quite incredibly loud. Always polished. A great 360 sound stage. Okay this will never win praise from audiophiles but for most of us it will do nicely. You can easily double them up too if you are lucky enough to have two of the speakers. They can then be used to widen the stereo image and give you twice the power.

Negatives? I don’t like the volume buttons, I always seem to press them harder than need be. But I can live with that.

Overall, the Boom is a splendid personal sound system. More Master Blaster than Ghetto Blaster. Perhaps one day UE will make a sub woofer to compliment the Boom. But until they do the Boom has a sound that will make you smile.

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